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Introducing the...

G7FX £25,000

G7FX £25,000 Challenge

To celebrate 1 year of audited MyFXBook results, Neerav Vadera (NV) is giving ONE person the chance to win £25,000 CASH.

How To Win

Find a Fully Audited Trading Educator with similar results to G7FX and the CASH is YOURS. ALL OF IT.

Easy right?


START DATE: 01/02/2021

START PRIZE: £25,000

The G7FX Challenge

The trading education industry is full of unqualified trading educators who don’t trade for a living or at the very least show any Verified/Audited Trading Records with a reputable broker to support their credibility.

G7FX is therefore on a mission to transform the industry.

To help expose and combat this, G7FX’s owner and CEO Neerav Vadera (NV) is offering an immediate £25k cash prize to anyone that can find any trading educator who is sharing the same quality of verified results that G7FX openly shares.

Let’s Create An Even Playing Field.
I first started G7FX based on my 16+ year career as a professional trader.

During this time I worked at some of the top trading institutions including Barclays.

What struck me the most is that there's not 1 trading education company out there (other than G7FX) that openly shows any verified results that anyone can directly access.

Neerav Vadera - NV (Owner & CEO of G7FX)

G7FX 100% Verified Results

See below the standard of trading that G7FX clearly shows through a 100% Verified Audited 3rd Party.

G7FX £25K Challenge Rules

The trading educator in question must be showing clear evidence of any 3 consecutive months of > 50% per month over any 6 month period starting 1st January 2020.

Full Terms and Conditions:

1. Public link available to MyFXBook with Track Record Verified and Trading Privileges Verified.

2. All Open Trades, Open Orders and Full History must be on display to avoid floating losses being hidden. Any and all instruments allowed.

4. Trading Account type: No restrictions on account size as long as it is a Real Account (i.e. not Demo).

5. Drawdown must be < 10% per month for any 2 of the 3 months and < 5% per month for at least 1 of the 3 months. Only Absolute Gains are eligible.

6. Minimum of 10 trading days in any given month. No single day can account for > 20% of monthly profits. Months can be split out but must be within the same MYFXBook user account (any prior losses will be offset).

7. Only the following reputable brokers will be allowed to ensure integrity of results: IC Markets, Pepperstone, IG Markets, Dukascopy.

8. Must be a Trading Educator with a public website selling a paid course for a minimum of 6 months. Course must be at least 10 hours long.


If you've found an educator that meets the above criteria, please submit their details to challenge@g7fx.com for your chance to win.

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